Our shop and installation area is airconditioned. We have a digitized drafting table to map your panel and a CNC milling machine to cut out the new modified panel design for your aircraft. We fabricate our own custom decals and placards. We use the highest quality wire and connectors in the industry. Our quality may be equaled by some shops but not surpassed. Our employees are quality minded and have been with us for many years. Please come by or call and let us quote your next Avionics upgrade.

Avionics Repair

We repair most Avionics Equipment on site. We have been repairing Audio panels, Nav/Comms, Transponders, DMEs, Radars, Autopilots and other equipment to component level ever since we opened in 1978. If it can be field serviced, we fix it in our shop. If not, we can troubleshoot the system and islolate the failure to the unit and have you up and going as soon as possible.

Instrument Panel and Fabrication

We have designed and manufactured hundreds of instrument panels using CAD and CAM. We have multiple CAD work stations, a precision digitizer and other precision tools we use in the inspection and design process. Then we set to work to design the optimum instrument panel within the budget and equipment requirements for each airplane. The design is refined until we believe it is just right for the airplane, given the current and possible future equipment requirements.